The Common

An issue of: South Atlantic Quarterly

The Common
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 118, Number 4 Published: October 2019 An issue of South Atlantic Quarterly
Special Issue Editor(s): Francesco Brancaccio, Carlo Vercellone
Contributors to this special issue explore the common as a third mode of governance and property that complements the traditional typology of public and private goods. Arguing that the direct democracy of commons can constitute an alternative—and often more effective—mode of guaranteeing the management of environmental resources, production, and exchanges, the authors pose the common as a potential alternative to the crisis of capitalism. Ideas explored in this issue include feminism and common theory, the common as a mode of production, and the common as a renovation of the cooperative tradition.

Contributors: Massimo De Angelis, Benoît Borrits, Francesco Brancaccio, Alioscia Castronovo, Silvia Federici, Alfonso Giuliani, Mark Mancall, Ugo Mattei, Maria Rosaria Marella, Massimiliano Nicoli, Luca Paltrinieri, Michele Spanò, Carlo Vercellone


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