The Correspondence of Richard Price, Volume II

March 1778–February 1786

The Correspondence of Richard Price, Volume II

Book Pages: 373 Illustrations: Published: September 1991

Editor: D. O. Thomas

American Studies, General Interest > Biography, Letters, Memoirs, History > European History

Perhaps best known as a political philosopher, Richard Price (1723–1791) made important contributions to British and American intellectual life in a variety of fields—philosophy, theology, mathematics, demography, probability and public finance, and private and social insurance. The second in a three-volume series edited by W. Bernard Peach and D. O. Thomas, The Correspondence of Richard Price makes available the extant copies of the correspondence to and from Price, including many published for the first time. These letters reveal Price's absorption with financial problems, his influence on the policies adopted by the British government, his defense of Newtonianism against Lord Monboddo, as well as important insights into the political and cultural life in Britain and America. Correspondents include John Adams, William Adams, J. D. van der Capellen, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Laurens, Lord Monboddo, William Pitt, Joseph Priestly, the Earl of Shelburne, Ezra Stiles, P. W. Wargentin, and Joseph Willard.



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