The Creativity Question

The Creativity Question

Book Pages: 384 Illustrations: Published: November 1976

Theory and Philosophy

Albert Rothenberg, a psychiatrist, and Carl R. Hausman, a philosopher, have prepared a truly comprehensive interdisciplinary book of readings on creativity. This group of selections from the works of writers in psychiatry, philosophy, psychology, psychoanalysis, and education brings together, for the first time, major theoretical works, outstanding empirical findings, and discussions of the definition and nature of creativity.
The organization of The Creativity Question is unique: it illustrates the various approaches and basic assumptions underlying studies of creativity throughout the course of history up to the present time. The main body of selections appears under the categories of descriptions, attempts at explanation, and alternate approaches. As specific orientations to creativity can be traced to particular initiating thinkers and investigators, there is a special chapter on seminal accounts containing selections from the works of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Galton, and Freud. Another chapter includes recent illustrations of special types of exploratory trends: creativity of women, brain research, synectics, extrasensory perception, behaviorism, and creativity computer programming. This organization highlights the tension between strictly scientific accounts and alternative approaches offering new ways of understanding. The editors have provided for the books as a whole and for each chapter explanation and discussion of the basic issues raised by the various approaches to creativity.



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Preface xi

Introduction: The Creativity Question 3

1. Seminal Accounts

Introduction 27

Inspiration / Plato 31

Creation as Making / Aristotle 33

Genius Gives the Rules / Immanuel Kant 37

Genius As Inherited / Francis Galton 42

Creative Writers and Daydreaming / Sigmund Freud 48

2. Descriptive Accounts

Introduction 55

Creation as Craft / Edgar Allan Poe 57

Fancy and Imagination / Samuel Taylor Coleridge 61

The Role of Hunches in Scientific Thought / Walter Bradford Cannon 63

Stages in the Creative Process / Graham Wallas 69

Creative Thought in Artists / Catherine Patrick 73

Genius and Insanity / Cesare Lombroso 79

Creativity in Self-Actualizing People / Abraham H. Maslow 86

3. Explanations 1: Forms and Scope

Introduction 93

The Teleology of the Creative Act / Brand Blanshard 97

Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry / Jacques Maritain 104

Biosociation in Creation / Arthur Koestler 108

Life and Creation / Otto Rank 114

On the Relation of Analytic Psychology to Poetic Art / Carl G. Jung 120

Unconscious Processes in the Artist / Harry B. Lee 127

On Preconscious Mental Processes / Ernst Kris 135

Creation and Neurosis / Lawrence S.Kubie 143

Unconscious Scanning and Dedifferentiation in Artistic Perception / Anton Ehrenzweig 149

Perceptual Modes and Creation / Ernest G. Schachtel 153

Concern for Discovery in the Creative Process / Jacob W. Getzels and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 161

Psychology Approaches to Creativity in Science / Anne Roe 165

Architects, Personality Types, and Creativity / Donald W. MacKinnon 175

The Psychology of Creativity / Frank Barron 189

Creativity and Intelligence in Children / Michael A. Wallach and Nathan Kogan 208

Education and Creativity / E. Paul Torrance 217

The Associative Basis of the Creative Process / Sarnoff A. Mednick 227

4. Explanations 2: Special Trends

Introduction 238

Women and Creativity / Ravenna Helson 242

Metaphor and Invention / William J. J. Gordon 250

Creativity and the Bisected Brain / Joseph E. Bogen and Glenda M. Bogen 256

Extrasensory Perception and Creativity / Stanley Krippner and Gardner Murphy 262

A Behavioral Model of Creation / B. F. Skinner 267

A Computer Model Approach to Creativity / Herbert F. Crovitz 273

5. Alternative Approaches

Introduction 280

A Rejection of Determinism / Charles Sanders Peirce 282

Emergent Novelty / C. Lloyd Morgan 288

Creation as Unpredictable / Henri Bergson 291

Toward a Theory of Creativity / Carl R. Rogers 296

On the Creation of Art / Monroe C. Beardsley 305

The Process of Janusian Thinking in Creativity / Albert Rothenberg 311

Intuition and Expression in Art / Benedetto Croce 327

Consciousness and Attention in Art / R. G. Collingwood 334

Creativity and Rationalism / Carl R. Hausman 343

Selected Bibliography 352
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