The Economics of François Quesnay

The Economics of François Quesnay

Book Pages: 260 Illustrations: Published: November 1987

Author: Gianni Vaggi

Contributor: John Eatwell


The author undertakes a new interpretation of physiocratic economics and its contributions to the foundation of economic science.



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Foreword / John Eatwell xi

Preface xv

1. A Reinterpretation of Physiocracy 1

A. Introduction 1

B. Quesnay's Methodology and the Tableau Economique 16

2. Value and Wealth 34

3. The Theory of Prices in Physiocracy 58

A. The Laws of the Market and the Current Price 58

B. The Fundamental Price of Commodities 76

4. Capital, Competition and the Origin of Surplus 94

5. The Theory of Distribution 121

A. Farmers' Profits are a Share of the Net Product 121

B. Profits as a Temporary Share of the Surplus 137

Appendix A: Two Tableaux 155

Appendix B: Profits and the lengthening of baux 161

6. Physiocracy and the Origin of Political Economy 165

Notes and References 193

Bibliography 221

Index 230
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Cloth ISBN: 978-0-8223-0757-0