The Form of Postcolonial African Fiction

An issue of: Novel

The Form of Postcolonial African Fiction
Journal Issue Pages: 124 Volume 41, Number 2-3 Published: 2008 An issue of Novel
Special Issue Editor: Susan Z. Andrade


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1. A Prefatory Note from the Editorial Committee– Bruce Laurie

2. Cartoon– Joshua Brown

3. Guest Editors’ Introduction–Simon Middleton and Billy G. Smith

4. Class in Early American History: A Personal Journey– Gary B. Nash

5. Revisiting Class in Early America: Personal Reflections–Staughton Lynd

6. The Revenge of Crispus Attucks; or, The Atlantic Challenge to American Labor History– Marcus Rediker

7. Unfree Labor, Imperialism, and Radical Republicanism in the Atlantic World, 1630–1661–John Donoghue

8. “Red” Labor: Iroquois Participation in the Atlantic Economy–Gail D. MacLeitch

9. The Contours of Class in the Early Republic City–Seth Rockman

10. Announcements

11. Contributors

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