The Future of the Human

An issue of: differences

The Future of the Human
Journal Issue Volume 20, Number 2-3 Published: 2009 An issue of differences
Special Issue Editor(s): Nancy Armstrong, Warren Montag
Contributors to this issue address forms of social existence such as factions, populations, and multitudes, and consider humanity in terms which defy the individual/state binary, and explore alternative concepts of humankind.


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1. The Future of the Human: An Introduction–Nancy Armstrong and Warren Montag

2. Violence and Civility: On the Limits of Political Anthropology–Étienne Balibar

3. The Democratic Insect: Productive Swarms–Page DuBois

4. Imitating the Affects of Beasts: Interest and Inhumanity in Spinoza–Warren Montag

5. Reinhabiting the Body Politic: Habit and the Roots of the Human–Brady Thomas Heiner

6. Toward an Analysis of the Corporate Ego: The Case of Richard Hakluyt–Henry S. Turner

7. Sovereignty and the Form of Formlessness–Nancy Armstrong and Leonard Tennenhouse

8. Monstrous Individuations: Deleuze, Simondon, and Relational Ontology–Filippo Del Lucchese

9. The Human Recycled: Insecurity in the Transnational Moment–Mrinalini Chakravorty and Leila Neti

10. "I Insist on the Christian Dimension”: On Forgiveness . . . and the Outside of the Human–Rey Chow

11. "Terrorists Are Human Beings”: Mapping the U.S.Army’s “Human Terrain Systems” Program

–Mike Hill

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