The Politics of Communicable Disease Control in Europe

An issue of: Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

The Politics of Communicable Disease Control in Europe
Journal Issue Pages: 280 Volume 37, Number 6 Published: 2012 An issue of Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Special Issue Editor: Scott L. Greer


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Editor's Note–Colleen M. Grogan


Bacteria without Borders: Communicable Disease Politics in Europe–Scott L. Greer and Margitta Mätzke

Protecting Europe from Diseases: From the International Sanitary Conferences to the ECDC–Marco Liverani and Richard Coker

Mapping Communicable Disease Control in the European Union–Heather A. Elliott, David K. Jones, and Scott L. Greer

Variation Matters: Epidemiological Surveillance in Europe–Ralf Reintjes

The Role of the European Court of Justice in the Europeanization of Communicable Disease Control: Driver or Irrelevance?–Tamara Hervey

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: Hub or Hollow Core?–Scott L. Greer

Agricultural Policy, Food Policy, and Communicable Disease Policy–Wyn Grant

The Europeanization of Public Health: How Does It Work? The Seminal Role of the AIDS Case–Monika Steffen

Public Health Policy and Law for Pandemic Influenza: A Case for European Harmonization?–Robyn Martin and Alexandra Conseil


Institutional Resources for Communicable Disease Control in Europe: Diversity across Time and Place–Margitta Mätzke

The Role of Networks in the European Union Public Health Experience–Peter D. Jacobson

Public Health in a Transnational Context: Explaining Europe's Role–Rosemary C. R. Taylor

The Governance of Disease Control in Europe–Daniel M. Fox

Report from the States

Health Reform in Virginia: The Commonwealth's Way–Len M. Nichols


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks–Cheryl L. Brown

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