The Postmodernism Debate in Latin America

The Postmodernism Debate in Latin America

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Book Pages: 336 Illustrations: Published: May 1995

Cultural Studies, Latin American Studies

Postmodernism may seem a particularly inappropriate term when used in conjunction with a region that is usually thought of as having only recently, and then unevenly, acceded to modernity. Yet in the last several years the concept has risen to the top of the agenda of cultural and political debate in Latin America.
This collection explores the Latin American engagement with postmodernism, less to present a regional variant of the concept than to situate it in a transnational framework. Recognizing that postmodernism in Latin America can only inaccurately be thought of as having traveled from an advanced capitalist "center" to arrive at a still dependent neocolonial "periphery," the contributors share the assumption that postmodernism is itself about the dynamics of interaction between local and metropolitan cultures in a global system in which the center-periphery model has begun to break down. These essays examine the ways in which postmodernism not only designates the effects of this transnationalism in Latin America, but also registers the cultural and political impact on an increasingly simultaneous global culture of a Latin America struggling with its own set of postcolonial contingencies, particularly the crisis of its political left, the dominance of neoliberal economic models, and the new challenges and possibilities opened by democratization.
With new essays on the dynamics of Brazilian culture, the relationship between postmodernism and Latin American feminism, postmodernism and imperialism, and the implications of postmodernist theory for social policy, as well as the text of the Declaration from the Lacandon Jungle of the Zapatatista National Liberation Army, this expanded edition of boundary 2 will interest not only Latin Americanists, but scholars in all disciplines concerned with theories of the postmodern.

Contributors. Xavier Albó, José Joaquín Brunner, Fernando Calderón, Enrique Dussel, Néstor García Canclini, Martín Hopenhayn, Neil Larsen, the Latin American Subaltern Studies Group, Norbert Lechner, María Milagros López, Raquel Olea, Aníbal Quijano, Nelly Richard, Carlos Rincón, Silviano Santiago, Beatriz Sarlo, Roberto Schwarz, and Hernán Vidal



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John Beverley is Professor of Hispanic Languages and Literatures and Communications at the University of Pittsburgh.

José Oviedo is a Ph.D candidate in Sociology and Cultural Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

Michael Aronna is an Instructor in Spanish at Montclair State College.

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Note to This Edition vii

Introduction / John Beverley and José Oviedo 1

Our Identity Starting from Pluralism in the Base / Xavier Albó 18

Notes on Modernity and Postmodernity in Latin American Culture / José Joaquín Brunner 34

Latin American Identity and Mixed Temporalities; or, How to be Postmodern and Indian at the Same Time / Fernando Calderón 55

Eurocentrism and Modernity (Introduction to the Frankfurt Lectures) / Enrique Dussel 65

The Hybrid: A Conversation with Margarita Zires, Raymundo Mier, and Mabel Piccini / Néstor García Canclini 77

Postmodernism and Neoliberalism in Latin America / Martín Hopenhayn 93

Postmodernism and Imperialism: Theory and Politics in Latin America / Neil Larsen 110

Founding Statement / Latin American Subaltern Studies Group 135

A Disenchantment Called Postmodernism / Norbert Lechner 147

Postwork Society and Postmodern Subjectivities / María Milagros López 165

Feminism: Modern or Postmodern? / Raquel Olea 192

Modernity, Identity, and Utopia in Latin America / Aníbal Quijano 201

Cultural Peripheries: Latin America and Postmodernist De-centering / Nelly Richard 217

The Peripheral Center of Postmodernism: On Borges, García Márquez, and Alterity / Carlos Rincón 223

Reading and Discursive Intensities: On the Situation of Postmodern Reception in Brazil / Silviano Santiago 241

Aesthetics and Post-Politics: From Fujimori to the Gulf War / Beatriz Sarlo 250

National by Imitation / Roberto Schwarz 264

Postmodernism, Postleftism, and Neo-Avant-Gardism: The Case of Chile's Revista de Critica Cultural / Hernán Vidal 282

Reply to Vidal (from Chile) / Nelly Richard 307

Declaration from the Lacandon Jungle / Zapatista National Liberation Army 311

Contributors 314

Index 318
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