The Resurgence of Conservatism in Anglo-American Democracies

The Resurgence of Conservatism in Anglo-American Democracies

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Book Pages: 470 Illustrations: Published: February 1988

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This work presents analyses by experts on the rise of anew tide of conservative governments in the United States, Canada, and Great Britain in an attempt to find what, if any, common ideologies and programs unite them, with what results, in terms of institutional change and policy direction, have been, and what are the prospects for permanent change.



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Preface vii

1. The Resurgence of Conservatism in Britain, Canada, and the United States: An Overview - Barry Cooper, Allan Kornberg, and William Mishler 1

2. Structural Factors in the Conservative Resurgence - Joel Smith, Allan Kornberg, and Neil Nevitte 25

3. Hunting the Snark: Or Searching for Evidence of That Widely Touted but Highly Elusive Resurgence of Public Support for Conservative Parties in Britain, Canada, and the United States - William Mishler, Marilyn Hoskin, and Roy E. Fitzgerald 54

4. Public Policy and the Resurgence of Conservatism in Three Anglo-American Democracies - Norman C. Thomas 96

5. Gulliver and the Lilliputians: Conservatism, Foreign Policy, and Alliance Relations - William James Booth 137

6. Conservatives and the Courts in the United States and Canada - F.L. Morton 163

7. Conservatism and the Courts: A Comparative Analysis of Canada and the United States - A. Kenneth Pye 185

8. New Wine in Old Bottles: Thatcher's Conservative Economic Policy - James E. Alt 217

9. Mrs. Thatcher's Crusade: Conservatism in Britain, 1972-1986 - Ivor Crewe and Donald D. Searing 258

10. The Resurgence of Conservatism in British Elections After 1974 - Mark N. Franklin 304

11. Conservatism in Canada: The Ideological Impact of the 1984 Election - Roger Gibbins 332

12. Canada's Tory Tide: Electoral Change and Partisan Instability in the 1980s - Allan Kornberg and Harold D. Clarke 351

13. The Economic Conservatism of the Reagan Administration: Notes for a Theory Party Differences, Partisan Change, and Electoral Accountability - Henry W. Chappell, Jr., and William R. Keech 387

14. Religion and the Resurgence of Conservatism - Michael Gillespie and Michael Lienesch 404

15. The Reagan Years: Turning to the Right or Groping Toward the Middle? - Morris P. Fiorina 430

Index 461

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