The Worshipping Church In Africa

An issue of: Black Sacred Music

The Worshipping Church In Africa
Journal Issue Volume 7, Number 2 Published: 1993 An issue of Black Sacred Music
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From the foreword by Archbishop Desmond M. Tutu: We are learning to be black, African, and being proud of it, we are realizing that God created us as glorious originals and not as carbon copies of other races. And we are learning thatvwe have been redeemed aas African human beings and that God wants us to worship, adore, and serve God and God’s world as authentically African persons.

I am glad that we are taking seriously the task of being authentically Christian and African in all sorts of ways. I want to commend the proceedings of a conference of earnest African scholars and Christians dealing with the issue of authentic African Christian worship, entitled “The Worshipping Church in Africa.” Let us go ahead to implement its recommendations. The people are impatient.


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