Theories of the Novel Now, Part III

An issue of: Novel

Theories of the Novel Now, Part III
Journal Issue Volume 43, Number 1 Published: 2010 An issue of Novel
Special Issue Editor: Nancy Armstrong
The third in a series of three special issues, this issue of Novel commemorates the journal’s fortieth anniversary and brings scholarship from various literary disciplines into conversation around theoretical issues common to novel studies.


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1. History of the Novel, Theory of the Novel–Franco Moretti

2. The Time of Breach: Class Division and the Contemporary African American Novel–Rolland Murray

3. Desiring-Production and the Novel–Lorri Nandrea

4. Photographic Fictions: Nineteenth-Century Photography and the Novel Form–Daniel A. Novak

5. The Theo-political Origins of the English Marriage Plot–Lisa O'Connell

6. Antisocial Fictions: Mill and the Novel–John Plotz

7. Human beyond Understanding: Fredrick Douglass's New Liberal Individual–Lloyd Pratt

8. The Marriage Plot in Theory–Kathy Alexis Psomiades

9. Make No Mistake: Getting it Right in The Princess Casamassima–Kent Puckett

10. Visual Storytelling: Cinematic Ekphrasis in the Latin American Novel of Globalization–Dierdra Reber

11. The Novel's Mobile Home–Caroline Reitz

12. Too Much Information–Bruce Robbins

13. Marketing Jane Austen at the Megaplex–Dianne F. Sadoff

14. War, Optics, Fiction–Paul K. Saint-Amour

15. Former Colonies: Local or Universal?–Roberto Schwarz

16. "My Contemporaries the Novelists": Isaac Bickerstaff, Uncle Toby, and the Play of Pulse and Sprawl–Stuart Sherman

17. Do Novels Think Electric Thoughts–Clifford Siskin

18. The Novel in Distress–Bill Solomon

19. Remembering the Pleasant Bits: Nostalgia and the Legacies of Modernism–Randall Stevenson

20. Time Wandering Problems of Witnessing in the Romantic-Era Novel–Charlotte Sussman

21. "Verticality Is Such a Risky Enterprise": The Literary and Paraliterary Antecedents of Colson Whitehead's The Intuitionist–Jeffrey Allen Tucker

22. Novel Futures–Annette Van

23. Archives of the Black Atlantic: Postcolonial Citation in The Pagoda–Wendy W. Walters

24. Resistance on the Circuit: The Novel in the Age of the Post–William B. Warner

25. The Novel and Prejudice–Sarah Winter

26. The Facts We Deliver–Michael Wood

27. Literature, Fictiveness, and Post Colonial Criticism–Alok Yadav

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