Trans Futures

An issue of: TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly

Trans Futures
Journal Issue Pages: 224 Volume 6, Number 4 Published: November 2019 An issue of TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly
Special Issue Editor(s): micha cardenas, Jian Neo Chen
In this special issue, contributors imagine the reconstructed social realities and worlds made possible through the materializing of trans times. Critical trans studies and trans political struggles intervene in the spatial-temporal orders that set and regulate the boundaries of knowledge, life/death, embodiment, movement, and social value established to secure the heteropatriarchal white settler state, liberal civil society, and the nation. Seeking to question and envision our collective trans futures, as well as the idea of futurity itself, the authors depict conceptions of transfeminist solidarity, tropical aliens, and new understandings of Black and trans solidarities that challenge the trans/cis binary.

Contributors: Bess Collins Van Asselt, Jack Caraves, micha cárdenas, V Varun Chaudhry, Jian Neo Chen, Diane Detournay, Marie Draz, Olivia Fiorilli, Francisco J. Galarte, Ren-yo Hwang, J de Leon, Hil Malatino, Nicole Erin Morse, Krizia Puig, Vick Quezada, LaVelle Ridley, Rox Samer, Harper Shalloe


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