Historicizing the Politics and Pleasure of Sport

An issue of: Radical History Review

Historicizing the Politics and Pleasure of Sport
Journal Issue Pages: 220 Volume 16, Number 2 Number: 125 Published: May 2016 An issue of Radical History Review
Special Issue Editor(s): Peter Alegi, Brenda Elsey

Sport provides spaces for pleasure, freedom, solidarity, and resistance, but it has also reproduced class privilege, patriarchy, and racism. This special issue explores how and why sport, paradoxically, leads to empowerment and disempowerment, inclusion and exclusion, unity and division. It features cutting-edge research on gender and sexuality, sport in the Global South, neoliberalism, race and ethnicity, and stadiums as sites of urban politics and national identity. The issue also includes a reflection on sport and art, book review essays, contemporary analysis on #BlackLivesMatter and sport, and a forum of scholars who use sport to teach radical history.


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