Performance, Politics, and History

An issue of: Radical History Review

Performance, Politics, and History
Journal Issue Pages: 188 Volume 7, Number 98 Number: 98 Published: 2007 An issue of Radical History Review


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1. Editors' Introduction—Sally Charnow and Eliza Jane Reilly

2. At the Edge of the Peruvian Truth Commission: Alternative Paths to Recounting the Past—Cynthia E. Milton

3. Performing Persecution: Witnessing and Martyrdom in the Anarchist Tradition—Elun Gabriel

4. "The Triumph of the Flesh": Women, Physical Culture, and the Nude in the French Music Hall, 1904-1914—Patricia Tilburg

5. Performing the Postindustrial: The Limits of Radical History in Lowell, Massachusetts—Cathy Stanton

6. Souls Grown Deep and the Cultural Politics of the Atlanta Olympics—Sally Anne Duncan

7.Man of Sorrows in Folsom—John Hayes

8. Trying Ordeal: Henry Tanner and Chris Burden in the Event of Subjectivity—Patrick Anderson

9. A Janitorial Junket: Sweeping the Debris of Shanghai's Future—Shiloh R. Krupar

10. Pia Lindman's New York Times 09/02-09/03Conor McGrady


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