Resilience in the Age of Austerity

An issue of: Pedagogy

Resilience in the Age of Austerity
Journal Issue Pages: 188 Volume 19, Number 2 Published: April 2019 An issue of Pedagogy
Special Issue Editor(s): Chris Gallagher, Deborah Minter, Shari Stenberg
Contributors to this special issue consider what resilience means to academia in an age of economic austerity. Exploring resilience as a social, rhetorical practice rather than an individual attribute, the authors offer examples of how particular austerity measures enacted on their campuses ? from community colleges to private universities ? impact teachers’ and students’ work. Through their diverse articles, they argue that teachers and scholars of literature, language, writing, and culture can and should make major contributions to interdisciplinary understandings of resilience.

Contributors: Allison D. Carr, Collie Fulford, Chris W. Gallagher, Joanne Baird Giordano, Brett Griffiths, Holly Hassel, Jennifer Heinert, Darin Jensen, Katie Kalish, Neal Lerner, Kristen McDermott, Laura R. Micciche, Deborah Minter, Deborah Mutnick, Christopher M. Parsons, Cassandra Phillips, Clancy Ratlif, Siobhan Senier, Shari J. Stenberg, Margaret K. Willard-Traub


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